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Date of version (or last revision): 12/21/2015

This policy describes the general information that we (Brevy, the site collect and how that information may be used. Please note that links to other sites exist throughout this site, and that the policy here is not valid for such links as they are owned and operated by external parties.


You are not required to create an account or provide persona information to have general access to Brevy services.

When you sign up for an account on Brevy, your username and password are required, whereas your real name and email address are optional. Your username and real name (if provided) may be made public and is primarily used to show authorship of pages and page edits throughout the site. Please be aware that the editing or creation of a page while not signed in will result in your IP address being made visible on the site. Should you wish to avoid this, you should either log in to an account or choose not to contribute to the site while not logged in. Your email address (if provided), may be made public in select circumstances of need (such as a site administrator trying to reach you to resolve an issue), but is generally not published across the site like your account name when showing author credit. All other information you provide to the site may be made public.


Timestamps are often used throughout the site to show when a page was edited or created. For instance, this may include the article ID (as part of the url) of summary articles created or notes listed in the revisions listing of an article. Please be aware that if someone knew your username, they might extrapolate from this information that you were editing this site at that time.

Cookies and Standard Information

Brevy may collect standard internet information when you access this site such as your IP address, browser type, and the time of your visit. Furthermore, Brevy may use cookies to facilitate your access to the site. These are standard to nearly all web pages and allow basic functions such as allowing you to log in to your account. Although it may be possible to disable cookies for your browser, this is not recommended and may harm site functionality.

Sharing Information

We resolve to not provide your information to third parties as much as possible. This may be hindered, amended, or superseded if:

  • For some reason, we are required by law to release your information to governing authorities and must comply.
  • Advertisements are added to the site, in which case only non-personally identifiable information (information that can't be tracked back to who you, specifically, are) will be shared.
  • We deem it necessary to provide that information to our affiliate organizations or companies and they are able to comply with the privacy policy listed here.
  • We are providing aggregate and non-personal data about Brevy (for example, the number of users editing an article).
  • We deem it necessary to investigate a severe security or safety concern.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

Users are responsible for checking this page for updates to the privacy policy. The date of the most recent edit or new policy will always be reflected at the top of this article. Minor edits to the privacy policy may go unannounced; however, we will strive to announce significant changes to the privacy policy through the News section on the main page.